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Common work questions demystified for the 9-to-5 set and beyond. Understand the ins-and-outs of the working world, whether you need help getting hired, changing careers, or anything else that crops up in your 40-hour work week.
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illustration of a tech office space
How to Stay Sane at a Culty Tech Company
A woman wearing a loose blue button-down shirt standing at a counter-height wooden table and using a laptop
Use the Eight Elements of the ‘Flow State’ to Be More Productive
A photograph of a smartphone displaying the Glassdoor app's listing in the App Store
Glassdoor Is Less Anonymous Than Ever Before
A group of people viewed from overhead, gathered around a table in front of computers working on a group project
Use Tuckman's 'Phases of Development' to Tackle Any Group Project
A photograph of a multi-lane highway filled with cars during rush hour
Beat the 'Planning Fallacy' to Be More Productive
Tools for hybrid work
The Best Tools and Gadgets for Hybrid Workers
A photograph of a woman wearing an orange sweater, planning to write in her weekly calendar
Use the 168-hour Method to Track Your Weekly Productivity
A top-down photograph of a person working at a very organized desk, with everything aligned and categorized.
Apply Marie Kondo’s Method to Your To-do Lists
A low angle view of a man working on a laptop
Turn Your To-do List Into Data to Maximize Your Productivity
A photograph of a large tangle of tree roots
Use the ‘5 Whys’ to Get to the Root of Your Productivity Problems
A close-up photograph of a student's hand taking notes in a notebook. They are in a classroom setting.
Use the Pareto Principle to Prioritize Your To-do List
A photograph of a man lying on a couch with his eyes closed and a pair of headphones over his head.
You Can Use Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Destress at Work
jar full of colorful folded up notes
Use a ‘Jar of Awesome’ to Stay Motivated
person writing in notebook at outdoor cafe
Conduct a Personal ‘After-Action Review’ to Improve Your Productivity
A photograph of a target attached to the side of a tree, with the colors inverted
You Should Set ‘Anti-goals’ Too
person being interviewed via Zoom
These Common Job Description Phrases Are Red Flags
A group of people collaborating on a project at work, standing around a tall table and looking at a computer
Try These Alternatives to SMART Goals to Get More Done
person logging into linkedin on a laptop
Is Using LinkedIn’s 'Open to Work' Badge Helping or Hurting Your Job Search?
A woman dressed in businesswear holding a phone and checking her watch
The POSEC Method Is a Better Way to Structure Your Time
A photograph of two glass jars from above, which are filled with rocks
Use the 'Pickle Jar Theory' to Prioritize Your Tasks