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The Best Card Games for Couples to Play on Date Night

Can intimacy and connection be found via a card game? Let's find out.
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Couple playing cards in bed
Credit: David Prado Perucha/Shutterstock

When you think of a night in with your significant other, watching a movie together or having sex might be the first thing that comes to mind. But what if intimacy and connection could be found via a card game? We're not talking about your average "Go Fish" or round of poker: These games are specifically meant to strengthen your relationship through a variety of questions and activities while also keeping things fun and playful.

Spending intentional, quality time with your partner not only helps create a strong foundation for your relationship —it also helps create positive memories. Not to mention, you'll get to know each other in deeper and more imaginative ways than you might have thought possible. Being vulnerable with one another isn't alway easy, and these games strive to make possibly tough talks and questions a little easier—and actually enjoyable.

Where Should We Begin?

Created by renowned relationship expert Esther Perel, godmother of emotional intimacy and connection and podcast host of "Where Should We Begin?", her first-ever relationship-focused game ($40) will help you connect with your partner through storytelling. The game comes with 200 story cards for new and playful inspiration and one six-sided die for endless variations on your favorite cards. Get ready to go deep.

We're Not Really Strangers

You'll won't feel like a stranger after playing this purpose-driven game ($24.99), which features three "carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards." The first level is all about exploring first impressions and how well you know each other. Level two is focused on connection, and the third level requires some deep reflection. There are also some "Dig Deeper" cards that are bound to reveal unexpected responses.

Let's Fucking Date

Talk about getting straight to the point. This card game ($25), created by actress and influencer Serena Kerrigan, is perfect for people in the early stages of dating, who are brave enough to ask each other some serious ice breakers. The cards come in four categories: First Base, Second Base, Third Base, and Home Fucking Run. The rules are pretty straightforward: the higher the base, the hotter and more intimate the questions.

Sex Talk

No surprise here: This game is all about sex ($24). Each provocative question ("What does it mean to be good in bed?" for example) is designed to ramp up your attraction and bond, allowing you to have an open conversation about your needs and desires. If you play your cards right (pun intended), it can lead to some of the hottest sex you've ever had.

The Couples Game That's Actually Fun

If you feel you need a break from all the emotionally charged questions from the above games, then "The Couples Game That's Actually Fun" game ($13.29), as suggested by its title, promises some levity. It includes 150 fun questions ("If we threw a themed party, what theme would it be?" for example) spread across three categories: 1. MATCH, 2. BEST, 3. ME OR YOU that can be played either between you and your significant other or teamed up against other couples.

Drunk in Love: The Drinking Game for Couples

Created by a couple that couldn't find the "perfect drinking game" to play during quarantine, this game ($35) comes with 99 cards (no alcohol, though). If you draw an "Or Drink" card, you must do what it says ... or drink. If you draw a "Drink If" card, the card applies to both you and your partner, so whoever relates to it must drink. Questions and prompts include "who wears the pants?" or "give your partner a lap dance or drink twice." As always, drink and play responsibly.