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Samsung Will Give You a Free 2TB SSD With Its New Galaxy Book4

The entry-level Galaxy Book4 starts at $700 and comes with a 2 TB SSD worth $285.
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Galaxy Book4 on a teal and green gradient background.
Credit: Product image courtesy of Samsung.

Samsung released its newest Galaxy Book4 lineup of laptops in February, and Best Buy one-upped them by offering up to $200 gift cards if you ordered the Book4s through them over Samsung (the deal is still active, if you’re wondering). It seems Samsung decided to take a page from Best Buy's book and offer a free 2TB SSD with the launch of the newest entry-level Galaxy Book4 laptop, which starts at $699.99.

The other laptops from the Galaxy Book4 lineup were all expensive, high-end options starting at $1,349.99 for i7 processors or higher before the release of the newest entry-level (and more budget-friendly) Galaxy Book4. This one starts with an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD. It is a more approachable option for those looking to experience everything the Galaxy Book4 has to offer without the fancy specs. Of course, you can always upgrade it to the i7 processor if you do like this more basic model but still want the ability to run more powerful programs.

Samsung offers trade-in credits of up to $600 if you have some qualified older tech that you would like to dispose of. It also offers a choice between a free Portable SSD T7 Shield 2TB or a pair of Buds2 Pro for $99.99 (originally $229.99). These options are also available for the Galaxy Book4 360, Galaxy Book4 Pro, Galaxy Book4 Pro 360, and Galaxy Book4 Ultra. Just remember that Best Buy is offering a $200 e-gift card for these laptops, too.

If you feel like 512GB is not enough storage for you, a 2TB SSD may be the choice over the $200 Best Buy gift card. But if you think you can find more storage on your own, go with the Best Buy gift card; just be mindful that Best Buy doesn't have all the different spec versions in stock at the moment.